3D Stereogram Images


Stereograms are 3D images hidden within another picture. In order to view the 3-D images, simply stare at the picture until the image starts to take shape. See our Tips for Viewing Stereograms if you are having trouble seeing any of these images.

All stereogram images contained within these galleries are used with the consent of the respective artists/authors.  These images are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose except with the written permission of the artist/author.

Acoma Seed Pot *

A Fantasy *

Pool Balls *

Acodrian Folds *

Fast as Wind

Pool Balls 2 *

The Alien *

Floating *

Pumpkin *

Anasazi Petroglyphs *

Floating Pool Balls *

Pyramid *

Animal Farm *

Flower *

Reading Glasses *

Artimesia Spiral *

Flowers with a Twist *

Ribbon *

Automatic Rifle

Fred & Ginger *

Ribbons *

Balloons *

French Chow

Rings *


Frost Spiral *



Geometricity *

Rubik Cube

Box of Circles *

Gnomenclature *

Saw Blade *


Grass Cylinder *


Brick Bits


Self Portrait *


Green Man *

Shaggy Spiral *

Bullseye *

Happy Cat *

Shell Well

Burgers To Go *

Happy Cereal *



Happy Chanukah

Slow Children *

Butterfly *

Hexa-Gone Wild *

Sphere-o-thon *

Butterfly Meadow


Spinning Tops *


Hole in My Heart *

Spring Time *

Cat's Eyes *



Chaco Canyon *

Hour Glass *

Star Globe *


Howling Wolf *

Starz 1 *

Chess Board

Hypnotic Spirals *

Stereogramophone *

Christmas Angel *

I Don't Know


Christmas Goose

Infinity *


Christmas Image *

Infinity 2 *


Christmas Tree *

Interlocked *

Summer is Coming

Christmas Wreath *

Ivy Cube *

Sweet 16 *

Chrome Capsule *



Circle Cross *

Lake View

Teddy Bear *

Clover Leaf *


Texas Longhorn *

Clover Leaf 2 *

Last Exit *


Cobra *

Look *


Coin Toss *

Look Before Crossing *

Twisting Star *

Cone Unraveled

Magic Rings *

Two Hearts *

Cosmos *

Magical Cube *



Male Female

Vector Ribbons *

 Cross-Plus *

Man of the Cloth *

Vertigo *

 Cubular *

Meanwhile in Jungle


Dancing Stars *

Medicine Cabinet *

Vortices *

Dandilion *

Merry Christmas

VW Logo *

Day of the Goat

Monkey See *

Water Fantasy *

Deep Grooves *

Moon Landing

What Goes Round *

Depth of Field *

Obama Christmas *

Winter Hunter



World Wide Stereo

Dimkas Star *

Officer Winkie *

Yoga Mat *





Palm Chair *

Zen Spiral *

Dolphins at Play

Paper Clips *

Zippo *


Paper Trail *

2 Cranes *

Double Spiral *

Peace *

3D *

Ellipsorama *

Pierced Heart

3D #2 *

Eye Strain

Pine Tree *

3D Chickadee

Eyetricks  NEW

Pinwheel *

404 Error

Eyetricks Logo

Pipe and Ring *


Faces *

Placitas View *


Fall Colors

Plusses *


Images marked with * are courtesy of and copyright Gary W. Priester - All Rights Reserved


3D Stereogram Animations


Eyetricks Logo 1

Eyetricks Logo 2


Note:  The above animations require Windows Media Player in order to view.  To view these animations, you will need to use a cross-eyed viewing technique.  Click here to learn more.

See more stereogram videos on the Eyetricks 3D Stereograms YouTube Channel


Other 3D Stereogram Links

If you are interested in creating your own 3-D Stereogram images or learning more about them, we encourage you to investigate the following resources:

Eyetricks 3D Stereograms - Custom stereogram designs and an online gallery of stunning 3D images.

Custom Stereograms - Let eyetricks.com create a custom stereogram for you or your business featuring your own logo or hidden message.

Marriage Proposal Stereograms - Propose to that special someone in your life with a stereogram.  What better way to ask someone to marry you?

Online Stereogram Generator - An extremely easy way to get started. Create your own text 3-D Stereograms online using this tool. Try creating a stereogram with your name in it!

Stereogram Downloads - Download free programs which can be used to create your own stereograms.

3D Stereogram Gallery



Featured 3D Stereogram Books


Startling Stereograms by Gary W. Priester & Gene Levine

Startling Stereograms
by Gary W. Priester & Gene Levine
This visually breathtaking collection was created by two of the world's bestknown and most esteemed stereogram artists.  Using cutting-edge computer graphics, they have raised stereograms into a 21st century art form.

EYE BALL 3D Stereograms

EYE BALL 3D Stereograms
by Gene Levine & Gary W. Priester
Featuring 48 excellent full screen high resolution 3D stereograms exclusively for the Apple iPad.  Your eyes are guaranteed to have a ball!

Hidden Treasures: 3-D Stereograms
by Gene Levine & Gary W. Priester
Gene and Gary have done it again!  Hidden Treasures contains a large collection of new stereogram images (never seen anywhere else before) that are as complex and sophisticated as they are beautiful and amazing.

Eye Tricks : You Won't Believe Your Eyes
by Gary W. Priester & Gene Levine
This incredible collection of visual illusions and stereogram images proves it. In Eye Tricks, there are shapes to beguile and confuse, colors in which to lose yourself and patterns to marvel at - while they scramble your mind. A great visual experience for anyone with a good visual sense and/or a love for clever visual illusions.




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