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Welcome to eyetricks.com, your source for optical illusions, brain teasers, games, 3D images and other mind-teasing oddities.


What's New?

A new optical illusion art book titled The Art of Deception:  Illusions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind has been released.  The book features 200 deceptive images from the world's greatest master illusion artists.

A brand new 3D stereogram from Gene Levine titled Eyetricks was added.

Six new optical illusions were added to Optical Illusion Gallery #70.

For more great optical illusions, be sure to check out An Optical Illusion.  This blog is updated each and every week and contains lots of great optical illusions and other visual oddities.

Like optical illusions and looking for a perfect gift?  Buy a Mirage 3D Hologram Generator or the illusion books The Art of the Illusion, The Art of Deception, and Exceptional Eye Tricks.

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